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The RED & BLUE School is an innovative after-school programme which combines sporting and educational activities for children aged 7 to 11, to help children flourish and to give them a better chance of succeeding in life. The first RED & BLUE School opened in January 2016 in the 19th district of Paris. An activity room was built specifically for the project, according to sustainable development principles. The site also comprises pre-existing sports installations for outdoor activities. Children are welcomed after school hours, twice a week for the whole year, which adds up to almost 120 hours. The Foundation’s educational team works hand in hand with local organisers of after-school activities to identify children who would benefit most from the School. In addition, events are organised in partnership with local organisations to open up to the widest possible public. The project is a long-term investment, which aims at being an inspiration for sporting and educational programmes. Is has brought together the whole Paris Saint-Germain community: players of the three teams, management and employees, patrons, artists and fans. Blaise Matuidi, Paris Saint-Germain midfielder, has chosen to show his commitment to the first RED & BLUE School by becoming an ambassador. This wide support mirrors the project’s potential, with more schools set to be created in France and overseas.

Main Objectives:

  • To stimulate children’s interest and promote the learning of primary school fundamentals, by putting sport at the heart of the educational approach
  • To empower children, help them gain and develop skills and share values of respect, community and team spirit
  • To introduce children to sport and its bene ts and encourage physical activity

An-Gaelle Benedic
Development Manager
+33 1 41 41 57 02


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Since 2000, the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation has been committed to helping children and youngsters. With the opening of the first RED & BLUE School, it is taking on a whole new dimension. The project is based on the realisation that problems at school take root at an early age, and that sport is a wonderful way of promoting education and helping youngsters along the path to success. It is designed to be innovative, to establish the Club within its community and above all to provide children with long-term support.