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The City Football Academy project provides overarching benefits for football (sustainable youth development), community (land, educational and leisure facility donations) and local regeneration (environmental and economic). Having opened its doors in December 2014, City Football Academy has become a community and elite footballing hub and is used by academy, men’s and women’s first teams as well as community members and teams from around the world. In July 2011, community consultation began with a fully staffed exhibition space. The project received a 98% approval rating and the community requests (e.g. for a more green and attractive area and for better community leisure facilities) were incorporated into the plans. The targets set out at the beginning of the project were all achieved, or bettered and are classified into three categories: economic regeneration (70% of employees from Greater Manchester, 80% of materials locally procured, 883 contracts awarded to local companies, 10% employed directly from unemployment, 89 people employed from long-term unemployment), environmental regeneration (2000 mature trees planted, 3km of hedgerow is encouraging new wildlife, 1.8 million litre water tank providing 80% of water on site) and community (5.5 acres remediated land donated for community use, 1 full size pitch for community use, public use bridge linking the stadium to the public area of the site and a Community Art Wall).

Main Objectives: 

  • To create a world-leading youth development and first team facility in the heart the community that would contribute to the sports-lead regeneration of East Manchester
  • To reach the strict targets set for local employment (70%) and procurement of local materials (80%) to help contribution to the area’s regeneration
  • To act, in all areas, in an environmentally responsible manner, promoting innovation and best practice

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In 2008, the City Football Academy project began with three years of planning, researching across five continents and involving more than 300 individuals. The result – a blueprint for a world-leading youth development, first team and women’s training facility and a Club operations base in the heart of a deprived Manchester community, providing extensive economic and environmental benefits for local people. It was vital that the Club develop its main estate adjacent to the Etihad Stadium and in so doing, create a true ‘street-to-stadium’ concept, with accessible community education, leisure, football and sports facilities, alongside the Club’s academy and first team.