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Soziales Beziehungen zu Schulen

Bewährte Verfahren

Education of children and young people is an important priority for Esbjerg fB, and it applies to both elite athletes and other young people. The combination of daily training and an education creates a number of challenges, and therefore EfB has signed a number of cooperation agreements with local educational institutions. In the summer of 2015 the club launched a strategic CSR project, where it opened a ticket pool on the website, where vulnerable children and young people can apply for free entrance at the matches in the league. At the same time, the club promoted the individual projects, which the players endorse as ambassadors. From the summer of 2016 EfB will start a great cooperation with the non-governmental organisation, Headspace, where they will market and promote the organisation on a great scale. Headspace helps and guides young people with their individual problems, no matter their size. With Esbjerg fB’s marketing of their work, they will inform more people about the free possibilities at Headspace, while the great sponsor network will help Headspace to more free internships, where the vulnerable people meet other companies and persons who believe in them.

Main Objectives:

  • To give back to the club’s closer community
  • To contribute with experiences and joy for children and young people
  • To contribute to improved health, prosperity and welfare

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From the summer of 2016 Esbjerg fB will start marketing Headspace as a strategic CSR partner on a large scale — that might even include the promotion on the jersey. With this great promotion more people will know the many advantages of the free counselling at Headspace, and the business network will help people to get a free internship.