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ViolaFIT is an education programme for all employees from 14+ for work life and value sharing after football. Besides our school model there are lectures on a voluntary base which cover different topics such as integration, personal debt management, psychological development, balanced nutrition and geographic development.

Main Objectives:

  • To provide education at early ages for everyone
  • To use the power of football that goes beyond sport itself
  • To tackle racism, anti-Semitism and violence

Sandra Nachtnebel, CSR Manager


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Football Clubs are more than just sports clubs. They are huge business units with many features such as compliance and social responsibility. The difference to other companies is the fact that the popularity is much higher and clubs function as a solid vehicle for messages and values. Therefore it is important to give all employees and volunteers the opportunity to gain education and live through the open-minded values of the club. That is the strategic message of ViolaFIT.