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Leitung / Führung Verhaltenskodex Hamilton Academical F.C.

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Hamilton Academical FC has adopted the codes of conduct for the following stakeholders and issues:– Fair Play: Fostering a sporting spirit and sporting behaviour;
– Coaches: Coaches being key to the establishment of ethics in football;
– Players: Obligations towards the game and one’s own team, respect towards opponents and the match officials obligations towards the supporters and general obligations toward the club’s policy on anti-discrimination;
– Team officials: similar to the players’;
– Parents and guardians with young players connected to the club: Obligations to use the influence they have on a child’s enjoyment and success in football responsibly; and
– Supporters: Have a positive influence on the atmosphere in accordance with the spirit of Fair Play.


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Hamilton Academicals FC Code of Conduct


The club demonstrates that it has policies to avoid any kind of unacceptable conduct and adopts basic values and principles of the game.