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The Feyenoord Street League started in the 2012/13 season with 12 teams in two areas around the stadium. Throughout the years the project evolved to 30 teams in five different areas, on the Southside of the city of Rotterdam. The ‘No words but deeds-point system’ helps teams to gain points through social contributions, making 2/3 of all points rewarded on a social level. Each season, the year ends with the Final Day, a big event in the centre of Rotterdam, where finals are held and the winners are crowned champions.

Main Objectives:

  • To share values
  • To increase social inclusion
  • To advocate responsible lifestyle

Ben Hoogwerf, Coordinator Sports & Health
+31 010 292 6805


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The Feyenoord Street League project was started to enhance the club’s visibility and impact in the community. It is set up to help social inclusion throughout different areas of the community around the stadium and helps its participants to engage in sports on a regular basis. This all helps the club’s mission towards a sporty, healthy and responsible lifestyle.