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The programme started in mid-December 2015 and ended in mid-January 2016. During this time, people are doing their usual Christmas shopping and buy gifts to their beloved ones. Panathinaikos FC organised a communication strategy plan to call for awareness about the urgent needs of disabled people living at “Ag. Anargyroi”. We asked our fans to visit our two main boutiques in Athens and our e-shop in order to buy their Christmas gifts. Each single purchase contributed to the support of the Boarding House. The donation in the form of a cheque “signed” by the fans that contributed to the effort, together with the official shirt of the Club signed by the Team were given to the Board of Directors. Besides that, we welcomed in our home ground people from the Boarding House “Ag. Anargyroi”, where they could watch a game live, in a safe area, feeling welcome and watching how the master control of our stadium works.

Main Objectives: 

  • To raise funds and help the Boarding School in need
  • To motivate fans to get involved and adopt a positive attitude towards similar practices in the future
  • To call for awareness about disabled people and to provide a fun activity

Stamatis Garris, Director of Communication
+30 210 8709 194


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The project Υοu Are Not Alone (Δεν Είσαι Μόνος) has been launched in partnership with Puma, as a result of the urgent need for financial support for the Boarding School “Ag. Anargyroi” that houses 52 people with mental disabilities. In Greece, the economic crisis has caused deep functional problems to such foundations and “Ag. Anargyroi” faced serious operational problems as well. This specific Boarding School is operated by the relatives of the guests, who live in a permanent agony for their children’s future. Besides that, people with severe disabilities have limited opportunities to integrate with football and therefore, we saw a good opportunity to send a strong message to them, to their families and to the football fans.