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Bewährte Verfahren

The project consists in the training of professionals and former youth players of FC Thun by Special Olympics Switzerland to coach mentally handicapped children. The children are invited to 25 Wednesday training sessions in the Stockhorn Arena Thun, where the professionals play. 30 children with intellectual disabilities and 70 non-disabled children regularly participate in the activities. All players and coaches of FC Thun are in “FC Thun makes school” and acquire important social skills.

Main Objectives:

  • To integrate mentally handicapped children in FC Thun
  • To provide games, fun and movement through regular special training
  • To promote the personality of our professionals and young players

Wolfgang Unger, CSR Manager
+41 79 762 4188

FC Thun project information page (German)


Best Practices from ECA Member Clubs


For FC Thun, it is important that mentally handicapped children can regularly play football together with normal children. Therefore, special trainings sessions are held 25 times a year. It is also important that this special group is trained by professionals as well as young players of FC Thun, for them to experience memorable moments.