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Soziales Lebenskompetenz und Bildung Beziehungen zu Schulen IF Elfsborg

Bewährte Verfahren

Once we receive the applications, we interview the potential participants so we are sure that they really want to be a part of the project. When we have 10-12 persons we start up with four days of lectures teaching values, motivation, commitment and what companies, society and we, as responsible partner and club, expect. They also tell us where they would like to do their internship. During these lectures we start to find companies, our sponsors mostly, that want to o er the three-month internship. When all is arranged the internship starts and we keep the contact during this three- month period with both the participants and the company.

Main Objectives:

  • To help the participants to go back and finish school
  • To help the participants to get a job
  • To make the participants be part of our society, not being excluded

Jan Ryrlen,Football Administration
+46 705 186990


Best Practices from ECA Member Clubs


We have a unique possibility to reach out where others cannot due to our position in the society. Together with our sponsors we can o er three months of internship in a company. The persons we help have been out of the society for several years. We hope to make them motivated to start up and finish school or even to get a real job.