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The main objective of the project is the inclusion of children into grassroots sports within specialised sports club under the supervision of coaches. Professional coaches and sports veterans are directly involved in this process. In the children’s homes and boarding schools, sports teams are formed and young sportsmen show their achievements. Thanks to the project, the children attend sporting events and take part in the team’s trainings as spectators. They can learn about football first hand, receive helpful advices and learn different techniques during the trainings with the coaches and players. This allows them to take up the sport and the most talented enter to the Academy of PFC CSKA. In this project, we are guided by the fact that development is not necessarily related to financial support. One of the significant components of this project is the cooperation with fan clubs. For example, they organise the charity auctions. Thanks to this project, children with disabilities in Moscow and other Russian regions receive the necessary support in social adaptation, a start in life.

Main Objectives:

  • To attract attention and public support to the development of grassroots sports among the orphans and children with disabilities
  • To realise teaching classes and competitions among the teams of grassroots sports through the children’s homes and boarding schools
  • To involve the media, create advertising and information programmes

Maya Moiseeva, Head of Advertising and Commercial Department
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Millions of people in Russia are living in the shadow of estrangement and indifference. Their capability is limited by various reasons. The Charity programme “Path of Goodness” is one of the social programmes which aims at solving the problems of people with health problems. Over the years, PFC CSKA undertook various social programmes with the aim of promoting health and improving the quality of life of children all over Russia.