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During the football season, a PSV in the community trainer gives a training session for the United team twice a week. During these sessions, football is the instrument to touch upon several social issues as for example health, respect, school and drugs. The youth worker of the municipality of Eindhoven uses the training sessions to get into contact with the boys in a different setting. After the first season, everyone involved was very enthusiastic and the number of notifications of vandalism decreased extremely. Youngsters that were part of the 2011/12 team became ambassadors for life and even became assistant-coaches for the next years. In the season 2014/15 PSV started to export the concept to other neighbourhoods in Eindhoven. PSV United took place in three neighborhoods: Mensfort, Tongelre and Bennekel. In Mensfort PSV started with a Mensfort United Pink team especially for girls. Two players of the PSV Womens’ team gave the sessions once a week. In 2016, the project also expanded outside of the city of Eindhoven to the municipality of Geldrop, where the team Braakhuizen United was formed.

Main Objectives: 

  • To decrease annoyance in the neighbourhoods of Mensfort, Tongeire and Bennekel
  • To change unwanted behaviour into desired behaviour
  • To reduce anonymisation between local residents, retailers and participants

Free Bemoans, Coordinator PSV in the community
+31 402 505505

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In November 2010, Mensfort was pointed out as a neighbourhood in the city of Eindhoven where annoyance by youngsters was a very big problem. In 2011 and 2012 the notifications of vandalism and annoyance that were reported to the police and municipality increased. The older group (14 to 17) was identified as more responsible for the problems, however their ‘throne successors’ were pointed out as also involved and it was clear that they would become the next generation of troublemakers. Observing the situation and brainstorming with the civil servants led to the idea, in April 2011, to develop a group focused programme for the youngsters in which their main interest, our football club PSV, is used as an instrument to achieve the objectives. In the summer of 2011 a group of 12 youngsters was selected. Six of them were known as ‘troublemakers’ and six as youngsters that could bring a positive effect into the group. They were invited for a session in the Philips Stadium together with their parents. Some weeks later they signed a contract of behaviour for the team called “Mensfort United” with first squad PSV player Marcelo in the official press conference room of PSV Eindhoven.